EasternMiracle digital content production company, founded in 2006.Specializing in three-dimensional and visual effects post production. We are an experienced team.More then 30 employees working for this team.Everyone is China's top artists.we are the one of the highest quality animation studio. We provide quality, affordable animation, game development, and advertising design and its visual arts production. Through our outsourcing services can make your business get Reduce costs. You can save up to 60% of the costs, greater profits. Can get the best talent. You can expand your existing business. We have many regular clients.States, Britain, Germany, Australia and other countries have a fixed and a huge customer. Production quality to meet or exceed customer expectations base. EasternMiracle belief is: beyond every day.Therefore, we do not have the mose satisfied project. We are most satisfied, is always the next one. Our employees are subject to higher education. Fluent grasp of English.